Martha Luz Machado Caicedo

La Escultura sagrada Chocó en el contexto de las memorias de Africa
y su Diaspora - Ritual y Arte

Martha Luz Machado’s most important publication was awarded the Prize of Fundacion Alejandro Angel Escobar, considered the highest scientific recognition in Colombia. Her Ph.D. dissertation and subsequently her book on Chocó focuses on the region in Colombia along the Pacific Coast where the majority of people of African descent reside in that country.
In her thesis, Machado Caicedo states that the Chocó were culturally influenced because for centuries, they shared the same territory with the African slaves and their descendants. She supports her theory using historical sources and myths as well as comparative research. Prominently featured in her thesis are the carvings of religious staffs used by the Chocó. According to Machado Caicedo, these staffs exhibit African features.

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Martha Luz Machado Caicedo
La escultura chocó en el contexto de la memoria de la estética de Africa y su Diáspora: Ritual y Arte.
University of Amsterdam, Universidad Nacional de Colombia and National Institute for Study of Dutch Slavery and its Legacy,
Amsterdam - Bogota, Colombia, 2011

ISBN 978-958-8063-75-1

Diáspora Africana - Un legado de resistencia y emancipación

In this book the contributions of Anglophone and Portugues scholars, specializing in Africa and African studies, have been translated into Spanish. With this compilation we intend to jump the language gap that stands as Babel’s Tower hindering the knowledge and intellectual exchange. 19 essays challenge to understand the 'common stories' that connect the African descendants in the Americas.

Martha Luz Machado Caicedo (ed.)
Diáspora Africana - Un legado de resistencia y emancipación
Universidad del Valle (in cooperation with NiNsee and Fundación Claretiana), Bogota, Colombia, 2012
IBSN 978-958-670-947-7

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